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Kedu ka akpa na-atụgharị uche si abawanye nchekwa?

Oge: 2020-11-14 Hits: 147

Kedu ka akpa na-atụgharị uche si abawanye nchekwa?

safety element of this product consists of a patented reflective strip. Therefore, pedestrians are visible by vehicles from a greater distance. Users with darker clothes tend to be visible to vehicles at around 20m at night. Reflective bag increase nighttime visibility to over 100m. This greatly increases the distance a car has to slow down once seeing a pedestrian. Furthermore, whilst reflective clothing is not a new concept, this is the first time reflective technology had been used in this way. Hi-visability jackets, head lights and snap bandshave been on the market for some years. However, users tend to find this products uncomfortable or unfashionable. Having reflective technology on a bag means users no longer have to wear garments.

Woven or Non-Woven options are available meaning that the bags can be manufactured for a number of different applications. Check out our other blog on reflective bags to see an example of design ideas you can have. One of our favourite designs is the reusable reflective Halloween bag. Perfect for children to carry during tick or treat.


Charming have designed and manufactured many types of tote bags in the past for clients. Our team of in-house designers can design reflective bags to suit your brand or organisation. Furthermore, we work with many trusted suppliers that are able to manufacture tote bags to pretty much any specification, whilst our team oversee the full production process. This ensures the final product is of a very high quality and matches the clients specification.

We have loads of amazing bag designs at Charming Check them out here!!



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