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Ụdị ọhụrụ nke akpa oyi



Custom Insulated Cooler Bags: 

MOQ:500pcs Available 

Colors: Black,Pink, Grape, Green, Khaki, Lime,Navy Blue, Orange,Red, Royal Blue & Teal and so on 

Style and Size: Nwere ike ngwaahia 

Your Next Event is coming up and you will need something cool and practical.Promotional Insulated cooler bags are just the things. The bag from Tryingme Pack will bring you high end, quality reusable cooler totes that are functional and stylish. Your next promotional event can be success with a wholesale order of these custom cooler bags. 

For this kind of cooler material, we can do Custom logo, Size and Style .It is not like our common cooler bag which has double layer , such as non woven+EPE foam, PP woven +EPE foam , Polyester+EPE Foam and so on. For this material we only have one layer which only non woven material heatseal with foam included Alu foil . In meaning time, we also can add some additional accessories , such as mesh bottle pocket, front pocket, inside bottle holder were gabazie. 



Plastic bags overwhelming our landfifills and winding up in the ocean – it’s become an environmental cliché, but it’s an appalling reality. Now imagine that you can take real action to reduce that problem – and advertise your business at the same time! That’s the power of using Environmentally friendly promotional cooler bags as a giveaway to your current and prospective customers. You save the planet and boost your advertising exposure – a classic win-win. Not only does your green message get out to thousands of new customers, you also boost your company’s public commitment to a greener way of doing business. If you are interested in our items, Please do not forget to contact with us! 

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