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Akpa maka Ejiji na-aga n'ihu: Akpa kachasị mma maka ndị na-ere ahịa uwe

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When it comes to reusable bags, not every bag is suitable for every industry. As with any product, you must keep the target market in mind and provide a durable, long-lasting option that your specific customer base will love to buy.

When it comes to apparel retailers, customers tend to have an eye for fashion. When they’re looking for their favorite reusable bag, they want something that looks good; they don’t want to carry around any old bag. It’s important that you offer a variety of bag styles that your customers can carry as accessories.

But, that’s not the only thing to consider when picking out the right reusable bag for your apparel retailer. Here’s a quick guide to why apparel retailers should offer reusable bags, things to consider, and reusable bags that apparel retailers love.

Why reusable bags are a necessity in the apparel industry

From an environmental standpoint, every industry needs to work on reducing their plastic waste, including plastic packaging and plastic bags. This type of low-value plastic often ends up in the environment, poisoning waterways and making people ill. Ethically, reducing your plastic footprint is the right thing to do.

But, the environment isn’t the only thing to consider. Customers want to support companies whose values align with their own. One of these top values is sustainability. More and more consumers, especially those in younger generations, are making their purchasing decisions based on the social and environmental responsibility of the company. While quality products still matter, social and environmental concerns are quickly becoming of equal importance to the modern shopper.

The fashion industry has a big impact on the environment and, therefore, has a responsibility to ensure that they minimize that impact. Customers expect those within the fashion industry, including retailers, to do what they can to mitigate the environmental footprint associated with fashion and to take responsibility where they can.


Replacing single-use bags with reusable options is a quick and easy way to show your customers that you care about your environmental footprint. While it is only a first step—we always encourage companies to further strategize how they can adopt responsible sustainability strategies—it’s an excellent first step. Plastic bags and other plastic packaging account for 40% of all plastic produced, and much of it is mismanaged and abandoned in nature. Minimizing (or, better yet, eliminating) your plastic packaging, including plastic bags, can greatly minimize your apparel company’s plastic footprint.

Reducing plastic waste is what customers want. A 2021 poll by TIPA found that 86% of shoppers were concerned about the plastic packaging surrounding their clothing, and 90% said that they wanted brands to offer environmentally friendly options. If you can show your customers that you are committed to limiting your plastic footprint, it will elevate you above your competition. 

Reusable bags apparel shoppers love

When it comes to the apparel industry, customers are often fashion-forward. They want reusable bags that they love carrying around. In other words, the bag needs to look fantastic.

When choosing the best reusable bag offerings for your apparel store, consider the following.

Bags that make a fashion statement are more likely to be worn and used around town, offering a unique marketing opportunity for your brand.

Choose more fashion-forward textiles like cotton or bamboo that allow shoppers to look good while they’re making a good choice for the environment. Offer a variety of bag styles. This will allow your customers to use the bag as an accessory as well as a responsible environmental choice.

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