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ECO lub hnab khoom lag luam-tus thawj coj ntawm kev sib tw

Sijhawm: 2021-01-23 Ntaus: 79

Lub Tsev Haujlwm Saib Xyuas Kev Lag Luam (MOFCOM) tsis ntev los no tau tshaj tawm tias Tuam Tshoj txoj kev txwv tsis pub siv cov khoom yas tau mus txog qhov siab tshiab. Kev txwv txiav cov khoom yas yuav raug siv hauv Suav teb txij lub Ib Hlis 2021.


The primary purpose of the ban is to reduce environmental pollution and damage caused by long-term accumulation of non-degradable plastics, as well as the potential harm caused by harmful substances to organisms and human body, such as growth and cancer. Degradable products must meet the standard specified "degradable rate" is generally recognized as the first necessity.

The term "biodegradable plastics" is a broad concept, but the ban earlier this year did not specify exactly what qualifies as biodegradable plastic. According to the national standard GB/T20197-2006 "Definition, Classification, Labeling and Degradation Performance Requirements of Degradable Plastics" issued in 2006, biodegradable plastics, thermo-oxygen-degradable plastics, photodegradable plastics and compostable plastics can be classified according to the degradation methods.Biodegradable plastics are widely used in the production standards of food contact materials, household plastic bags and packaging logistics materials listed above, which is also the trend of degradable plastics.


The national policy and local implementation step by step, the production and application of "biodegradable" material substitutes is imperative, can foresee the market blue ocean is also about to burst.

It is not only popular in China, it is also highly concerned by the people all over the world. In this case, what kind of qualified products does the market need? Without doubt, To be eco-friendly to the environment, reusable shopping bag is urgently needed in the market. It is made of environmental material, such as non woven, pp woven, cotton, polyester, RPET, flet and so on. They are some recyclable material and some recycled material. It can be reused for many times. This kind of bag is equal to eco bag. Obviously, eco bag is to be the leader of the trend. Choose‘trying me’ and let’s get into the trend!


RPET material is the recycled bottle material.


RPET non woven material


RPET material without lamination


RPET material with lamination

Our RPET non woven shopping bags

RPET non woven material(sublimation printing)


RPET with glossy lamination



RPET with matt lamination