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Sijhawm: 2021-03-17 Ntaus: 70

Nowadays, reusable tote shopping bag are popular all over the world. Because it is eco-friendly ( environmental). All the bags are printed with beautiful designs.
We can do the printing with solid colors and also CMYK. Different material will be adopted with different printing methods.

1.Gravure printing - suitable for laminated material, non woven/pp woven/RPET
It can do whatever color you like, CMYK and pantone colors. It can do colorful design, as well as simple color design.

2.Silkscreen printing - suitable for some simple logo and solid color printing

3.Heat transfer printing - It can be colorful printing. Normally the cost is counted by logo size.

4.Sublimation printing - it can printed on whole material surface.

5.Some other logo printing/making methods