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reusable lub hnab yuav khoom yuav tsum tau puas tau thiab yeej tsis

Sijhawm: 2021-04-07 Ntaus: 55

For many environmentalists, the world seems to be getting worse. They have developed a hit-list of our main fears: that natural resources are running out, that the population is ever growing, leaving less and less to eat, that species are becoming disappeared in huge numbers, and that the planet‟s air and water are becoming ever more polluted.

The sources all over the world is really limited. Every member of this world should take the responsibility to save sources and to be kindly to the environment.

Using reusable shopping bag is a good way to protect our environment. Do not wast our sources is to save ourselves life!
Lots of material can be used for reusable bags, such as pp woven, non woven, RPET, cotton, felt, polyester, jute and so on.