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Reusable Bags xav tau thoob plaws ntiaj teb

Sijhawm: 2021-02-01 Ntaus: 64

Kev txwv txiav yas tsis yog nrov hauv Suav teb, nws kuj tseem paub zoo thoob plaws ntiaj teb, txawm tias ua ntej. Cia peb saib ntawm kev siv cov xwm txheej ntawm cov hnab ntim khoom rov siv dua hauv lwm lub tebchaws.

UK: biodegradable starch bags, recyclable paper bags, reusable cotton and linen bags

The British town of Modbury, in Devon, has led cities across Europe in introducing a total ban on plastic bags.All 43 shops in the town stopped offering plastic bags to customers for six months from May 1 last year.When shopping, customers can pick up biodegradable starch bags, recyclable paper bags or reusable cotton and linen bags from the store.


Kraft daim ntawv lub hnab


Cov hnab paj rwb


Jute(Linen) bag

Germany: paper bags and cloth pockets with environmental protection signs
In the German capital Berlin, several common people favorite of a large supermarket "liddell", "adidas", "reals" under JiaoKuanTai prepared all kinds of shopping bags, and mark the different on each shopping bag price, the cheapest plastic bag also to 0.15 to 0.25 euros, equivalent to about RMB 1 from 5 to 2 blocks of 5), the price of paper bag is a bit high, to 0.3 euros, BuDou most expensive, to 0.4 to 0.5 euros.It is worth mentioning that the top right of the paper bag will be marked with an "environmental protection" sign, which indicates that the paper bag is recyclable, while the cloth bag will be painted with a green tree, surrounded by the words "action for the environment" written in German.

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Cloth(polyester) bag


Kraft daim ntawv lub hnab

France: a sturdy little trailer
The best way to shop in France is with a small trailer.First of all, parking is a big problem in the city. Many convenience supermarkets and food markets don't have parking lots.Second, it takes less effort to pull a small trailer than to carry plastic bags.Third, French people like to have a drink in a cafe or go to a clothing store after shopping. At this time, small trailers play an advantage.


Plain trolley

Eco-friendly shopping bags in Singapore
The first Wednesday of every month is "Bring Your Own Shopping Bag Day" in Singapore. On this day, in many local supermarkets, shoppers who do not have their own shopping bags will be advised to buy reusable bags or donate 10 cents for each plastic bag they ask for to help the environmental protection organizations promote their activities.




Non woven bag


Non woven bag widely used in super market.

And even if plastic bags are needed especially, we should reuse it and not abandon it at random, such as Switzerland.

Switzerland: Plastic bags are used in a reasonable way and never cause pollution
The country's two largest supermarket groups, Miglo and Gaup, still offer plastic bags free of charge, as do many other places where they are used.But at the same time, no waste plastic bag is ever seen in public in Switzerland, let alone "flying", hanging on trees and being eaten by animals, which means there is no white pollution in Switzerland.