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Why do Parisian girls in France have a canvas bag in their hands?

Amser: 2024-01-17 Trawiadau: 10

If you pay attention to Parisian street photography, you will find that Parisian girls do not only have luxury brand bags, but also simple and lightweight canvas bags. Whether it's men, women, old or young, from spring/summer to autumn/winter, whether wearing a designer coat or a simple T-shirt paired with jeans, one can always see such a bag on their body, which is not an exaggeration to describe it as a single hand.

Why Parisians Like Canvas Bags

Bagiau cynfas

Canvas bags are a necessity in Parisian life, just like air, standing on the streets of Paris. If you don't have a canvas bag, it will look out of place. So how did canvas bags defeat other bags and become one of the representative items on the streets of Paris? It's hard not to love these advantages! 

1.Lightweight and able to fit


When it comes to canvas bags, the biggest advantage is that they are lightweight and practical. Compared to leather bags, it has a very light weight, and even a large bag has almost no weight, which reduces a lot of burden on us.

In addition, its capacity is very large, whether you are shopping on the street or in the supermarket, you can put everything inside. The low price won't hurt, it looks both beautiful and generous, and serves as a shopping bag that is environmentally friendly and practical. In addition, its easy to clean and maintain, reusable, can be said to be truly "pure natural and pollution-free" green environmental protection! 

2. Versatile and durable


Here, for Parisian girls, canvas bags are not just a shopping bag, but more of a decoration. Their canvas bags come in a variety of colors, in addition to the classic white, there are also many colors that jump around. In winter, they pair with dark clothes to serve as a finishing touch like a paintbrush. Bright colors bring a lively and lively atmosphere, while injecting more lazy and casual temperament, making it look more casual and generous. This may be one of the sources of effortless fashion sense for Parisian girls.

What kind of canvas bags do Parisian girls have?

The canvas bags of Parisian girls come in various colors and patterns, but there are a few details that they share in common, which are also important factors determining whether canvas bags can bring you an effortless sense of fashion. 

1. The shoulder strap is long enough


The biggest advantage of a canvas bag is that it can bring us a lazy and leisurely atmosphere. Convenience and practicality are also its main features, which determines that its shoulder straps must be long enough! The canvas bag with short shoulder straps can only be carried by hand, making it uncomfortable to carry and getting stuck under the armpit, and it can have a localized feeling. For comfort, you can also choose a slightly wider canvas bag with shoulder straps to balance the pressure on your shoulders for better comfort.

2. The bag is large enough


Upon careful observation, it seems that the canvas bags of Parisian girls are quite large, on the one hand to accommodate more things, and on the other hand, larger bags also bring a more fashionable and lazy feeling to the streets. For slightly chubby girls, the big canvas bag also has a hidden secret, which is that it can cover our side waist and abdomen, making us visually slimmer. 

3. Colors should be rich


The canvas bags of Parisian girls are never confined to black and white, they are more like a part of the outfit. Many people first consider the color of their clothes for the day when going out, and then choose the appropriate canvas bag to match it.


For example, when you wear black, you can choose a bright colored bag for contrasting colors, or use a black and white letter pattern bag for embellishment. In short, it doesn't look boring. This way, the canvas bag can provide us with convenience while giving rise to a sense of fashion and refinement!

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