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Bagiau siopa wedi'u gwneud o bapur kraft golchadwy sy'n boblogaidd o gwmpas y farchnad

Amser: 2023-05-12 Trawiadau: 33

Washed kraft paper, as its name implies, is washable, printable,laminated, coated, and printed with kraft paper. It is a new type of low carbon environmental protection material. Because the raw material of  washed kraft paper is natural fiber pulp, it has the characteristics of no harmful substances, recycling, degradable, recyclable, etc., and has been widely used in Korea, Japan and other places.   


Washed kraft paper feels comfortable and close to leather. It is a new type of material developed by high-grade luggage merchants. It can also be used to make computer bags, large handbags, garments (jeans) signs, tags, leather cards, high-end Notepad cover. It has the characteristics of high strength, strong abrasion resistance, soft and high toughness. Therefore, this material is extremely durable. It's a new type of material that many luggage export suppliers looking for. The market prospect is very impressive. 

Main feactures of Washable  Papur Kraft : 

◆ Made of natural wood paddle fiber and non-woven fabric impregnated felt (which can be impregnated with latex). 

◆ Can be stone washing, enzyme washing, dry cleaning 

◆ Good stability, no deformation 

◆ Light quality, easy to use 

◆ Wear resistance, durable 

◆ Tear resistance and humidity resistance, washable and suitable for outdoor activities 

◆ Easy to sew on jeans 

◆ According to customer requirements for printing, laminating, coating or silk screen processing 

◆ Feel comfortable, close to leather, is ideal for internal and external use of materials, after printing, processing and washing, still maintain excellent quality 

◆ Varied colors, beautiful appearance 

◆ No harmful substances (such as AZO dyes, etc.) 


We are a manufacturer of kinds of shopping bags.Gallwn ni wneud  bag zipper , bag arferol, bag oerach , bag gwin , bag polyester , bag jiwt , bag cotwm , bag llaw,bag ysgwydd , bag tote, bag heb ei wehyddu , bag gwehyddu pp , bag plygadwy, bag gwrth-ddŵr, bag wedi'i inswleiddio, bag bwyd, bag rhwyll  , bag papur ac yn y blaen. Ac fe wnaethon ni ddatblygu rhai  washable kraft paper bag , such as hand bag, beach bag, shopping bag and pocket. They are really popular in the market recently. Since it is eco-friendly and recyclable. 


Besides silkscreen printing, It can also done with sublimation printing.


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