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The meeting between the two heads of state has become a priority for the G20 Shopping bag suppliers keeping eyes on international status

November 15,2022

The 17th Summit of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies will be held in Bali, Indonesia from November 15 to 16, with the theme of “Common Recovery, Strong Recovery”.Against the backdrop of the complicated situation between Russia and Ukraine, the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the still high risk of global recession, many participating countries and even most countries in the world hope to find out how to achieve recovery at this summit.Among them, the meeting between the presidents of China and the United States is highly expected.However, Western countries, led by the United States, see the G20 as an arena for great power games.US President Joe Biden is in Bali to discuss a range of contentious issues, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, human rights and North Korea’s nuclear programme, according to Reuters.CNN went further, pointing out that Biden’s goal at the G-20 was to assert U.S. leadership abroad.According to Bloomberg, this is likely to be the most difficult G20 summit to date.As the host, Indonesia certainly does not want to see the theme of the summit being sidetracked.A recent article in the Jakarta Post said that Indonesians and people around the world hope that the leaders will not use the precious time during the summit only as an opportunity to criticize and attack each other.


Biden said he was looking for competition, not conflict

When Global Times reporters arrived in Bali on Monday, the tropical island in the Pacific Ocean had already entered “G20 time”.From the airport exit to the main venue of the summit, the slogan “Recovery together, Strong recovery” and various local G20 logos can be seen everywhere.

The heads of state of China and the United States will hold a face-to-face meeting in Bali, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry and US officials.According to the White House, the summit will be held on May 14, one day before the official opening of the G20 summit.It is worth noting that the Bali Summit will create a number of “firsts”. It will be the first face-to-face meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States since the outbreak of COVID-19 nearly three years ago, the first face-to-face meeting between the two heads of state since Joe Biden took office, and the first meeting between China and the United States after the completion of their major domestic political agendas.It was also the first meeting between the top leaders of China and the United States since Pelosi’s departure to Taiwan.Us Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called for stabilizing US-China relations and reopening regular channels of communication, The New York Times reported Tuesday.Yellen also said she would meet informally with Chinese officials on Tuesday and would most likely discuss macroeconomic issues.She hopes that more exchanges on issues of common concern between the United States and China will improve bilateral relations.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that relations between the two countries have deteriorated for years due to frictions over trade, technology and competition for global influence.It is widely believed that the summit will provide an opportunity to stop the slide in bilateral relations.The White House said the two leaders, meeting in Bali, Indonesia, would discuss ways to maintain communication, manage competition responsibly and work together on areas of common interest.

“Despite their differences, Chinese and U.S. leaders want to avoid pent-up tensions turning into a crisis that could wreak economic havoc.”The New York Times reported Tuesday that Biden said he was looking for competition, not conflict.The U.S. and Chinese leaders are likely to discuss the two countries’ key national interests, “and determine whether they conflict with each other.If so, how to fix it “.

The Washington Post quoted former U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta as saying, “I think both sides, deep down, understand that in many ways there has to be a better way for both countries to deal with each other than constantly threatening to destroy each other.”


‘Only meetings with Chinese leaders are really important’

“The China-Us summit is highly anticipated and has a great impact.”With the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change impacting the world, the two major powers need to work together more than ever to inject stability into the world, CNN reported.

“The conflict between the world’s two largest economies is worrying the host, Indonesian President Joko Widodo.”The BBC reported on Monday that Joko said in an interview that “there can be no peace without dialogue” and that it would be very good for the world if the leaders of China and the United States could meet and talk, “especially if they can reach an agreement on how to help the world recover.””In essence, the US-China relationship is the ‘top priority’ for the G20.”Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International Affairs at Renmin University of China, told the Global Times that Sino-US relations are seen as more decisive in determining the future of the world.”Many countries are concerned that the confrontation between China and the United States will lead the world to a confrontation of camps and turn globalization into fragmentation.The meeting is intended to send some positive signals and reassure the world.”

If the meeting takes place, it will be seen as a turning point in Australia-China relations after years of tension, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).Albanese said in an interview on Monday, “It has not been confirmed yet, and I look forward to a constructive dialogue if there is a meeting.”The Australian commented that “the stakes are high and the outlook grim” as Albanese embarked on a “marathon” series of meetings with world leaders, “but only the meetings with Chinese leaders really matter”.

“We expect China to play a bigger role in regional and global issues,” said Veronica, director of China Studies at Indonesia’s Center for Strategic and International Studies, adding that China’s successful cooperation with Africa and ASEAN under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative is a good example. “The world needs more cooperation and partnership, not geopolitical conflicts.”

‘Please don’t come to Bali just to fight’

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will be another major focus of the Bali summit.Britain and the EU plan to “confront” Lavrov at the summit and do “everything possible” to isolate Russia, The Daily Telegraph said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

“Us’ red line ‘at G20 summit,” German TV 1 said on Monday, as US President Joe Biden sought to strengthen the international front against Russia at the G20 summit — and reassert his own leadership.But Charles Kupchan of the Council on Foreign Relations says U.S. leadership is no longer simply accepted around the world.Many countries do not want to put all their bets on the West.They want a more multipolar world.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who will start his Asian tour from the G20 summit in Bali to the APEC Summit in Bangkok, said his presence should be a sign of France’s strategic ambition in the “Indo-Pacific”, according to French media on December 12.According to the French daily Le Twenty Minutemen, the region Macron will visit is the center of world trade and a strategic priority area, which has attracted the attention of the world especially at a time when the competition between China and the United States is becoming increasingly fierce.France also wants to protect its own interests in the region, leaving room for interest in the confrontation between China and the United States.France also wants to improve relations with Australia and ease tensions caused by the 2021 submarine crisis.

“It is very bad that some developed countries have brought geopolitical issues into the G20,” Veronica said, criticizing the actions of Western countries. She told the Global Times that such actions could lead to chaos and make the world, which is already full of uncertainty and instability, even worse. “We must reject this.”She said it was not a “good time to play games of geopolitical conflict” because the world was facing economic challenges that would likely cause more people to suffer.

“G20 leaders, please don’t come to Bali just to quarrel”.’The world is on the brink of economic, military and security disaster,’ the Jakarta Post newspaper said in a headline.With winter approaching, inflation is soaring, gas shortages are plaguing many countries and hunger is occurring in many parts of the world.”I can say that Indonesia may have the most difficult presidency of all G20 countries this time because of geopolitical, economic and other factors.”Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi told Reuters last week.Indonesia has and will continue to seek ways to ensure that the G20 summit leads to concrete actions to address the world’s challenges, the report said.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said at an event launched by the G20 Pandemic Preparedness Fund that the US $1.4 billion raised so far is not enough to prepare for future pandemics, AFP reported.He said $31 billion would be needed to respond to the next global pandemic.



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