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Why are more and more people carrying big bags on the street?

Time : 2024-04-01 Hits : 10

The new trend of buying bags in 2024 can be summed up in one sentence: Big bags are king, and the bigger the more popular. 

Since the beginning of this year, whether it is a big show or a talent street photo, almost everyone has a big bag that is "inconsistent" with its own proportion. 

Why do people fall in love with big bags? What kind of bag will you pay for? Recently, the Interesting report launched a "big package" survey, collecting a total of 647 valid questionnaires. Through our survey, we found that large bags have become more popular than just a trend. 

In addition to basic functional items, summer is fast approaching, and cosmetics (such as sunscreen), sunscreen clothes/hats/masks, umbrellas have also become a must-have in the bag of contemporary young people. After all, in spring and summer, sun protection is "life saving". 

In the past, I went out three sets, mobile phone, wallet, keys. Nowadays, wallets have disappeared from people's backpacks, and in their place are tools for making money - files, work materials, and computers. According to the survey, more than half of people carry books/documents/work materials in their large bags, and 40 percent of people carry computers/tablets in their large bags. In any place can take out the computer is the necessary skills of contemporary workers, in another way, as long as I bring the computer I can go anywhere, the computer is also a sense of security.

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