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White paper shopping gift bag structure parameters

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Paper gift bags, as one of the common packaging in daily life, are often used in retail packaging, gift packaging, activity promotion and other scenarios, which can improve customer shopping experience, enhance brand image, and also carry out brand promotion, convenient and practical.



Top fold side length


Refers to the length of the folding part of the bag opening, the role of this part on the one hand can increase the load bearing capacity of the bag, improve the durability, on the other hand, can prevent the user from being scratched by the paper at the opening, and to a certain extent, can also improve the beauty;



Make ends meet


Here is the bag forming paste position, the length is generally 20-30mm, in the case of ensuring the firm paste, appropriate, the maximum can not exceed the width;



Lower fold side length


This part is the key to forming, the length is generally 3/4 of the width, to ensure that the bottom paste firmly, can be adjusted according to the actual size of the printed paper, at least greater than half of the width, equal to is not possible, reserve a cross-paste position, otherwise the two ends of the molding can not be pasted together, the bag can not be formed, of course, can not exceed the width;



distance between rope holes


This parameter defaults to half the length and can be adjusted according to the bag size and the length of the rope.



The distance between the cable hole and the upper edge


This parameter is generally 20-25mm, set to avoid the key graphic content, otherwise it will affect the appearance;



radius of rope hole


The default is 2.5mm, the minimum can not be less than 1.5mm, and can not be too large, too large rope is easy to slip out, affecting the use of;


A small detail is that the threading hole of the upper hem can be slightly larger than the threading hole of the lower hem, which can partially offset the size loss caused by the inner folding of the upper hem, and the outside hole will not be blocked by the inside when threading the rope, which is easier;



A living corner


The upper and lower ends of the mouth tilt at a certain Angle, which can prevent deviation during forming, and then prevent the mouth from affecting the forming effect of the upper and lower hem;


These are the adjustable parameters of the conventional handbag structure.


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