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Which paper bag with ribbon handle is more sturdy ?

Time : 2023-12-07 Hits : 10

When we talk about paper bags with handles, we usually refer to those designed with handles or handles for easy carrying and handling. So, which paper bag with a handle is stronger? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction.

Material selection

Firstly, the strength of a paper bag is closely related to its material. Generally speaking, high-quality paper, such as kraft paper, white cardboard, etc., has high strength and durability. These papers undergo special treatment to increase their waterproof and wear-resistant properties, thereby extending the service life of the paper bags.

Structural design

Secondly, the structural design of paper bags is also an important factor affecting their firmness. A reasonable structural design can effectively improve the load-bearing capacity and durability of paper bags. For example, the design of the handle or lifting ring should be sturdy and easy to grip, and the bottom and edges of the paper bag should be reinforced to prevent breakage or deformation.

Production process

Finally, the production process is also an important factor affecting the firmness of paper bags with handles. During the production process, strict process control and quality inspection can ensure the quality and durability of paper bags. For example, the heat sealing process can make the edges of paper bags more secure, while waterproof treatment can increase the waterproof performance of paper bags.

Precautions for use

1.When lifting or dragging items, the handle paper bag should avoid excessive force or twisting to prevent the handle from breaking or the paper bag from breaking.

2.Handheld paper bags are not suitable for carrying heavy items for a long time, in order to avoid excessive pressure on the paper bag and handle, which may cause rupture or damage.

3.When using paper bags with handles, keep them dry and avoid using them in damp or humid environments to avoid affecting their strength and durability.

4.If the handle paper bag is found to be damaged or damaged, it should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner to avoid accidents during use.

Our company's paper bags with handles are made of high-quality materials and advanced production technology, which have excellent firmness and durability, making them your ideal choice. Whether you need to carry items in your daily life or showcase products in commercial settings, our paper bags with handles can meet your needs.


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