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Waterproof Takeaway Bag widely used in The Market for Shopping Food Drinks

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With the common use of non-woven bags, artificial sewing non-woven bags are more and more unable to meet the order needs of the majority of customers, therefore, advanced ultrasonic non-woven welding machine has been developed, this machine produced bags we also call ultrasonic non-woven bags .

Ultrasonic non-woven bag is the application of advanced ultrasonic technology to the production of non-woven environmental bags, which is not only the improvement of the application concept, but also a technical innovation of the traditional process; This production equipment has the characteristics of fast speed, high yield, no coke edge, raw edge, equipped with imported high-speed motor operation, automatic chassis rotary stitching machine, powerful power, can be adjusted according to different fabrics, thickness, efficiency up to 2-3 per minute; It is an ideal equipment for making wireless non-woven bags. 


For ultrasonic bag and stitching bag, they have some difference. 

The ultrasonic process of non-woven bag is more delicate than the sewing. Because the edge and corner lines are automatically generated by the machine according to the mold, the specifications are more unified, and there will be no broken joints and crooked joints in the sewing. 

2. The mechanization degree of ultrasonic environmental bags is higher than that of sewing, the error rate is lower than that of sewing, and the management cost and hidden cost of workers are lower. 

3. When the quantity reaches more than 50,000 in mass production, the cost of production is far lower than the cost of sewing, and the speed of production is higher than the speed of sewing. 

4. The non-woven bag, handbag and bag side line produced by ultrasonic process can be pressed by mold pattern, pattern variety is rich, and the product is high-grade and beautiful. 

5. Printing adopts automatic screen printing or flexographic printing, non-woven roll to roll printing, printing error is less than 3 mm, and manual screen printing has a big difference, multi-color color accurate, avoid manual printing position offset, inking uneven and many other defects. 

6. Ultrasonic welding handle, that is, handle and belt. Compared with thread seam, it is hot and uniform, beautiful. And recently some shopping bag suppliers develop some takeaway bags with ultrasonic skill. And these bags are very popular in market and widely used in living life. 


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