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The trend of young people in Shenzhen

Time : 2024-03-22 Hits : 11

Recently, "Shenzhen Baobao" has quickly become popular in Shenzhen. These handbags include canvas bags, paper bags, milk tea bags, etc., and are jokingly referred to as "Shenzhen bags" 。

because they frequently appear in various occasions. For first-time visitors to Shenzhen, it may feel strange because it is rare to see young people carrying branded bags on the streets, subway, bookstore, cinema, and other places. Instead, people carrying cloth bags and paper bags can be seen everywhere.

 From Huangbeiling to Gangxia North Subway Hub, from Hongshan to Nanshan Science and Technology Park, whether on morning rush hour commuting roads or busy CBD buildings, the number of handbags is very high. The materials and colors of these bags are different, making them the "iconic bags" of Shenzhen people.

 Handbags similar to Shenzhen bags are also common among young people in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. On the streets of some big cities, practical handbags can be seen everywhere, mostly in milk tea packaging, shopping paper bags, and conference canvas bags, emphasizing practicality and versatility. Handbags are resistant to dirt and wear, can be carried by hand or carried on the shoulder, and some even come with insulation coatings, suitable for all ages and genders. Some young people even hang accessories on them, which are obviously not used occasionally. Besides handbags, many young people nowadays live a more relaxed and casual life regardless of their income. They follow the consumption mentality of "the province should have its flowers", and large T-shirts, perforated shoes, and canvas bags have almost become their standard accessories. These simple and practical items have become the "compass" of consumption. 

Handbags have become a fashion trend, related to the current concept of simplicity and shared consumption. Nowadays, more and more young people advocate the consumption concept of "the province should have its flowers and flowers", no longer pursuing famous brands to satisfy face, but paying more attention to meeting their real needs; Not willing to pay a high premium for the brand, placing more emphasis on the cost-effectiveness and practicality of the product; I no longer need to decorate myself with luxury goods, but rather spend money on things I truly love, enriching my heart. 

Practical consumption choices not only reflect the younger generation's "living more clearly" and "living more confidently", but also a rational return after pursuing blind pursuit and fanatical consumption. People have found that the harshness and pickiness of luxury goods may not be in line with daily life scenarios, and comfort and casualness are the ideal living conditions.


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