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The old driver tells you how to custom wine bags to look good

Time : 2023-12-15 Hits : 12

When it comes to wine, the first thing that comes to mind is the bottle with elegant lines and exquisite labels. However, today we are going to talk about another form of packaging for wine - wine bags. To judge whether a restaurant is good or not, we usually start from the aspects of decoration, cleanliness, service attitude, and dishes. The most crucial aspect is the dish style. When we evaluate a dish, we usually use "color, aroma, and taste" as the criteria. Therefore, red wine should go to the high-end level, not only with good taste and new color, but also with the quality of packaging. Wine bags not only have practicality, but also have unique advantages in design and customization. What kind of red wine handbag looks good? There must be a way to make it. Let Charming Gifts, a veteran driver with years of experience in making red wine handbags, tell you about it.

The appearance of a red wine handbag is closely related to the target audience

The red wine handbag needs to be made to look good. From the perspective of young people, the design can adopt an abstract and avant-garde style As the younger generation enters the workplace, they have become a new backbone. Due to their superior material conditions, they are exposed to many new things and pursue trendy and avant-garde things. If you are a young person, what kind of red wine handbag looks good is undoubtedly abstract, avant-garde and personalized design. This generation loves personalization the most and does not like being labeled. If our red wine is targeted at this group of people, then we need to work hard in this direction in design.


2、 Red wine handbags should be made to look good, and can also be targeted at specific middle-aged people to create a relaxed atmosphere. Why do some marketing advertisements resonate so much? This is because their words hit the hearts of middle-aged people. As an intermediate group with elderly people and small people, marketing advertisements represent their life difficulties. And why do red wine handbags feel good? Sometimes, it's not because they are designed to look good, but because they hit our most fragile nerves, making you empathize with them, and ultimately consumers can make purchases. Therefore, if we want red wine handbags to look good, we can try to sell the selling point of "not getting them" in design. I work hard every day, so I want to relax. I have a lot of stress every day, and I want to relieve it slowly. When our product can truly make customers believe that your product can achieve this, then your red wine handbag design must be correct.


3、 Red wine handbags should be made to look good, and in the eyes of the elderly, they must highlight the difference in status, especially high-end red wine. How to design a red wine handbag when facing the current wealth controller? At that time, due to their recent transition from poverty to wealth, when they became wealthy, they were particularly concerned about their own sense of existence. Therefore, in their eyes, if a red wine handbag was to look good, it must be scarce and could refresh their uniqueness. When we design, we must let others know that my wine is unique and world-renowned. In this way, it is very easy to form a clustering effect when you go back and forth. When your friends are all using this product, the grade naturally improves. This kind of red wine handbag must be the most attractive handbag in the eyes of this group of people with status, and the most touching love letter.


Customized process and precautions for Charming Gifts wine bags 

1. Clarify requirements:Before customization, clarify requirements, including size, material, quantity, and other aspects. This helps designers better understand your needs and provide satisfactory design solutions.

2. Communication with designers:Maintain close communication with designers and share your thoughts and expectations with them. The designer will provide a preliminary design plan based on your needs, and make modifications and improvements.

3. Sample confirmation:Based on the design proposal provided by the designer, make a sample for confirmation. Inspect the samples to ensure they meet design requirements and quality standards.

4. Mass production:After confirming the accuracy of the samples, mass production is carried out. Maintain communication with manufacturers during the production process to ensure production progress and quality.

5. Quality inspection:After the completion of mass production, quality inspection is carried out to ensure that each wine bag meets the design requirements and quality standards. Unqualified products should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid affecting the brand image.


Customizing wine bags here not only enhances brand image and visibility, but also has advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, cost reduction, and bottle protection. In terms of design, more emphasis is placed on material selection, color matching, pattern design, detail handling, and quality inspection to ensure the quality and satisfaction of the final product.

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