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The bag you carry is your lifestyle

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With the development of the economy and the changing role of women, the popularity of large bags is constantly evolving. Large bags are not only a practical choice, but also become an indicator of economic health. 

In the 1930s, Western women were moving out of the home and into the workforce during the Great Depression.bags are a popular choice for women in the workplace because they are large and sturdy enough. 

With the recovery of the European and American economies and the growth of trade in the 1960s, the bag was first introduced in 1968 and became very popular. 

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At this point, the bag began to become a form of decoration, rather than just a practical tool. However, in 2018, the luxury trend is all the rage, and the popular handbags are getting smaller. 

Small bags have become a popular choice. However, with the current fluctuations in the global economy, work scenarios such as work and business trips have once again become the first choice for carrying large bags. 

A survey on "where are the usual occasions to carry large bags" shows that large bags are once again popular in these occasions. 

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Therefore, the popularity of large bags is not only a reflection of practicality, but also closely related to the economic situation and the changing role of women. They are both an economic indicator and part of a fashion trend.

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