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Reusable Bags Purchasing Guide: What You Should Look For

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So, you’ve made the decision to invest in reusable bags for your business. This is an amazing first step toward sustainable business practices. Reusable bags reduce the need for single-use plastics (many of which end up in our oceans), it encourages sustainable practices by your customers, and it presents a unique marketing opportunity, allowing you to place your company logo on a bag that customers will use over and over again.

It’s clear that reusable bags are the correct environmental and business choice, but now that you’ve made this decision, you have another task ahead: to decide which reusable bag you’d like to invest in.

Choosing the reusable bag to offer to your customers requires you to consider a few things: which reusable bag type fits the needs of your customer, aesthetics, and environmental impact to name a few. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by reusable bag choices, we’ve come up with a guide to help you choose the right reusable bag and reusable bag producer for your business.

Is the bag easy to clean?

If you’re a grocery retailer, then ease of cleaning may be a priority for your customers. You’ll want to consider bags that can manage leaks and that are easy to keep clean. PP woven or non-woven bags make a great grocery bag option because, when they’re laminated, they simply need to be wiped down between uses. Cotton bags can also be a good option because they are machine washable, but they are not waterproof, and they should be cleaned fairly frequently.

How big should my reusable bags be?

This might not seem like an important consideration, but the size of the bag will impact the customer’s likelihood of reusing their bag. For example, if the bags that you offer are too big, people may be less likely to carry them around and use them again. However, if they are too small, then customers will quickly fill their bag and will still have to rely on single-use bags for overflowing items.

Reusable grocery bags should be quite large to accommodate bulk purchases. If you’re a grocery retailer, you might consider larger bag options that can easily fold, making the bags easier to carry around. Bioplastic bags offer the perfect option. They can fold to a fairly compact size, they’re durable, and they’re made of completely biodegradable plastics.


Is my reusable bag durable?

Strength and durability isn’t just a consideration for convenience; reusable bags are environmentally friendly because they are reused. If the bag isn’t strong enough, it will break, and it may not reach its full environmental potential. (Each reusable bag must be used a certain number of times in order to minimize its global warming potential.)

While each bag material will have its own levels of durability, you also need to make sure that you’re purchasing your reusable bags from a reputable reusable bag retailer. This will ensure that your reusable bags will last and that you are making the most of your reusable bag investment.


Is the reusable bag recyclable or biodegradable?

A huge consideration that you must make when choosing your reusable bags is whether or not the bags are recyclable. One major downfall of single-use plastic bags is that they are incredibly difficult to recycle, which means that they often end up as marine plastic or ocean-bound plastic. If you make the switch to a reusable bag that’s not recyclable, you end up with similar issues, and you might not reach the positive environmental impact that your company is seeking.

All of the bag offerings you’ll find at Bkbags are either recyclable or biodegradable. This means that any bag you purchase through us has the ability to be sustainably managed once the bag has reached the end of its life. To further ensure that the reusable bags that you offer are sustainably managed, encourage your customers to either recycle or compost their bags.

How does the bag look?

The last consideration that you should make is the aesthetic of the bag that you offer. Here, you can choose to print your company’s logo as marketing, or you can choose to print nice designs as a further incentive for customers to invest in a reusable bag.

Additionally, different reusable bag materials will offer different looks. For a cleaner aesthetic, try bamboo, polyester, or cotton bags. These bag types offer a classy look for many different uses. Bags made from polypropylene or biobased bags are less aesthetically pleasing, but they can still be decorated in a way that customers will enjoy.


Finding the perfect reusable bag for your company is all about balancing customer needs and the environmental impact of the bag itself. Once you’ve answered the above questions, it should be more clear which reusable bag is suitable for your company. 

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