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Lots of defects of Plastic bag, making us focus on eco-friendly bags

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Plastic Bags Waste Money 

Plastic bags waste money for your business. They cost a lot of money to purchase and use, and they will clog up the systems in your community. You must remember that the community, city, or town will need to raise taxes in order to pay for all the waste removal, clogging of sewers, and even issues with the water systems. This raises the overhead for your business, and you do not want to see that. If the local council raises sales taxes, your customers might find a cheaper place to shop. 

Reusable Bags Make the Change Simple 

Reusable bags make the change simple because you can sell these bags to your customers, keep them interested in your business, and cut back on waste. This is a good selling point for your business, and it is a wonderful way for you to market your business. Moreover, you want your customers to remember to come back just because they have your reusable bags. You aren’t banning plastic bags so much as you are making a change and getting your customers involved. 

At the same time, you can make a little money every time you sell a reusable bag. 


Order With Custom Grocery Bags 

You can order with Custom Grocery Bags when you are ready to make the change and get away from plastic. We make it easy, and you can contact us via phone, email, or live chat for assistance. 

Why are Custom Grocery Bags Multipurpose?  

When you visit us at Custom Grocery Bags, we provide you with the best full color printing, bag construction, and options that you would ever want. We also assist when you need help with a design. You want to reach customers, but our bags can easily be multi-purposed. Read along as we explain how our grocery bags can change your business.  

At Custom Grocery Bags, we can help you choose the perfect custom bags for any part of your operation.  

Custom Grocery Bags Are Right for Shopping  

Your customers can shop with you and carry one of your custom bags around the store. You can sell them at the door, keep them behind the register, or give them away with purchases. Custom bags market your business when customers leave the store, and they do not fall apart. You might work in an area with a plastic bag ban. We a solution to your problem. You want to stop using plastic or paper? We can fix that.  

You Can Use Them Around the Store  

When you work in a warehouse, large store, office, or other operation, you can use our bags to carry heavy items. Load up our bags, make your workday easier, and trust in our handles because of the stitching.  

Our bags fold away so that you can store them easily. You can unfold them at any time, and you can even give them our to your staff. The bags do everything for you, and they can even go into the nursery. You can carry supplies out or carry plants back in.  


When you reach out to our team at Custom Grocery Bags, we can make your logo look perfect on the bag. We also help you choose the most appropriate bags for your business. Every company is different, and you deserve to use a multipurpose bag that does not fall apart.  

You have probably heard of the negative environmental consequences that stem from plastic bag use and littering. These consequences have led to many communities banning single-use plastic bags. Communities that have banned plastic bags are now realizing that recycling programs have not helped rid the landscape and waterways of these bags. However, plastic bag bans have a number of other benefits you may not have thought of. 

Communities with plastic bag bans in place appear cleaner.No longer do you see a plastic bag caught in the wind, or rolling down the street like a tumbleweed. In these cities, it’s possible to look into a stand of trees and not see a disposable bag waving in the breeze like a trash flag. Can you imagine driving down a road and not seeing bags caught in fences or just lying discarded and dirty in the gutter? 

Bodies of waters in communities that have banned plastic bags are becoming healthier. When plastic bags enter a body of water, they break down into tiny particles that harm plants and wildlife, they can also enter the food chain, eventually leading to human consumption. Communities with bag bans no longer have shorelines dotted with plastic bags going in and out with the tide. 

Eliminating single-use plastic bags altogether has helped all recycling efforts. With a ban in place these communities don’t have the bags jamming and clogging recycling machinery, making them more efficient for recycling other products from curbside collections. Not having the machinery break down regularly from plastic bags saves money for the community as well. 

With bans in place on plastic bags, many people have turned to paper. While it’s true that paper doesn’t have the toxic particles to harm the environment, they still create their own environmental issues. To create a 1-year supply of paper bags , 14 million trees are cut down. Trees do not grow back fast enough to be considered a genuine sustainable resource. 


Using customized, eco friendly shopping bags bring a host of benefits to your customers and the environment. One reusable bag can potentially replace hundreds of single-use plastic bags. 

Plastic bags is always not good for using. So we still focus on eco-friendly bag. 

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