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Did you stock up on bags? Paper bags become 'new social currency

Time : 2024-04-15 Hits : 11

Nowadays, as long as shopping, there will be a lot of bags unconsciously. From milk tea, stationery, accessories, electrical appliances and clothes, well-designed packaging bags have become a part of our lives. 

In addition to the needs of daily life, these high appearance level packaging bags often appear in the circle of friends and small red books, and get a lot of attention with their innovative design. 

These paper bags have their own design ingenuity, some with classic movies and TV dramas, animation and games to jointly launch ip image, some with people's impression of the less down-to-earth luxury joint launch of new packaging, and some are the fastest speed with the most popular network red combination, let people see. 

Different from the pattern printed on the milk tea cup, the milk tea cup is lost after drinking, and it is difficult to collect and save. Paper bags, on the other hand, can be reused or stored. Both unique, and very environmentally friendly, so the collection of paper bags is very cost-effective. More importantly, in the era of "appearance level is justice" cultural FMCG, it is also the darling of social platforms, becoming a new "social currency", bringing real topics and traffic.

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