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Craft of kraft paper bag

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Paper bag structure 

The handle of the paper rope and the body of the paper bag look very simple, ordinary, and not touching... 

But! Accidentally saw a video of kraft paper bag manufacturing, as fully automated as a mask machine, instantly aroused my interest... 

Kraft paper bag in the application, according to the opening and the way of the back can be divided into heat sealing, paper sealing and paste bottom, the application range involves many industries, such as: chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceutical additives, building materials, supermarket shopping, clothing, etc. All suitable for kraft paper bag packaging industry. 

The color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper, which can be coated with a film of PP material on the paper to play a waterproof role, and the strength of the bag can be made into one to six layers according to customer requirements, and the printing and bag-making are integrated.

Large area paste 

Before the combination, I guess there must be a small partner very eagle-eyed, usually noticed that under the rope, there will be a piece of viscose... A note? You got the point! The position of the red circle, the wide strip of paper connected with the twisted string, is to increase the bonding area, so that the handle and the paper bag are stuck more firmly and carry more weight. 

Generally, the paper rope is first attached to the paper strip, and then the paper is attached to the inside of the bag as a whole. In this way, the rope will not easily fall off the paper bag and can also withstand greater weight.

Make paper twisted rope

Kraft paper bag according to the material can be divided into: ① pure kraft paper bag, ② paper aluminum composite kraft paper bag (kraft paper composite aluminum foil), ③ woven bag composite kraft paper bag (general bag type is larger).

Kraft paper bag according to the bag type can be divided into: ① three-side sealing kraft paper bag, ② side organ kraft paper bag, ③ independent kraft paper bag, ④ zipper kraft paper bag, ⑤ independent zipper kraft paper bag.

According to the appearance of the bag type, the kraft paper bag can be divided into: ① valve pocket, ② square bottom bag, ③ seam bottom bag, ④ heat sealed pocket, ⑤ heat sealed square bottom bag.

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