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Clothing bag contains those advantages

Time : 2024-04-29 Hits : 6

With the more and more extensive use of clothing bags, the use of new materials and update iterations are becoming more and more hot. Have you found any specific advantages in the use of clothing bags? 

Clothing packaging bags are generally made of polymer materials synthesized by polymerization of organic matter such as polyethylene. Therefore, their dispersion is good, antioxidant than plastic packaging bags will be better, toughness is good. 

Usually can be used for high and mid-range commodity packaging, the current export commodity clothing packaging use is relatively large, popular in various fields. Slowly, some commodity sellers began to screen exquisite clothing bags to improve the grade of their goods. 

The advantages or disadvantages of general commodities are not entirely determined by the manufacturing process, and their unit prices and packaging also have certain advantages. 

Product material features: 

With polyurethane elastomer, good flexibility, low embrittlement, good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, waterproof, not easy to decolorize, flame retardant and other characteristics. 

Some materials are non-flammable edges, wrinkles, deformation, and can reasonably avoid scratches on the surface caused by friction between goods and packaging bags. Among them, CPE sand bag has excellent performance, excellent oxidation resistance than ordinary rubber, better stability and comfortable touch.

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