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Bicycle Bag Knowledge collection is a must for cyclists

Time : 2024-03-07 Hits : 4

An essential piece of equipment for riding. Think about when you go out for a ride and feel like you don't have a place to put this thing or that thing. There was no place to put anything on the bike, and there was no extra bag for his bike suit. Therefore, the bicycle bag this equipment came into being! The classification of bicycle bags is very diverse, and you can choose your own style according to different use needs and location installation. The first is the frame bag, as the name suggests, the frame bag is shaped like the frame is triangular, can be perfectly placed inside the bike frame. The second is the seat bag, which is installed on the pipe, generally under the cushion, and can easily store some small items. The handlebar bag is installed on the bike's handlebars and turns as the handlebars turn, but be careful not to put too heavy things, otherwise it will affect the control of the bike. The upper tube bag is generally installed on the frame tube, which can place some commonly used items, such as mobile phones, wallets, etc. A cart bag is a large car bag, generally used in long-distance riding and has a back seat on the vehicle, providing ample storage space, can carry daily necessities, etc. Finally, there is the carry-on bag, which can pack the bicycle and make it easy to carry. The material of the car bag also has a variety of choices, common composite material and injection molding material. Composite bags usually have better durability and water resistance, and are suitable for long rides and harsh weather conditions. The injection molded bag is lighter and suitable for daily riding and short trips. The functions of the car bag are also very rich and diverse, in addition to providing storage space, there are some additional functions. First of all, the car bag usually has a waterproof function, which can protect the items inside the bag from being soaked by rain. Secondly, the car bag can help to store items and avoid loss or confusion. In addition, the car bag can also provide a certain shock-proof anti-drop function to avoid damage to fragile items such as mobile phones. For long rides, the capacity of the bag is large enough to carry more luggage and meet the needs of the trip. In short, the bicycle bag is a necessary equipment in the riding, it can solve the storage problem during the riding process, make the riding more convenient and comfortable. According to their own needs and preferences to choose their own car bag style and material, experience a better cycling trip!

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