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Advantages of polyester needle felt

Time : 2024-04-22 Hits : 15

Polyester needled felt is the main filter material in bag filter. It is made by using the structural nonwoven needled technology to comb and lay the polyester staple fiber on the fine fiber cloth with staggered space arrangement and uniform gap time distribution. 

 The filter material has high strength, good elasticity and good recovery performance, stable fabric design size, good wear resistance, large porosity, good air permeability, long product life, good dust control effect, and good mechanical system performance and acid and alkali resistance at room temperature (below 130℃). 


 Due to the low price and cost of producing polyester, polyester needle felt is the most cost-effective filtration medium at low temperatures. It has the advantages of high void ratio, good air permeability, high dust removal efficiency and long service life. 

Unique to ordinary felt filter cloth. Its temperature rating is moderate, instant up to 150℃. It has moderate acid and alkaline resistance, and it has very good wear resistance. Polyester needle felt is made of 0.8-1.5D or finer fibers. 

 Compared with the filter cloth produced by conventional polyester fiber, the product has the following advantages: the filter cloth aperture is reduced, the porosity is high, and the filtration accuracy is high; The base cloth adopts high strength and low elongation fiber yarn, the strength is greatly improved; Acid and alkali resistance enhanced; Improved hydrolysis resistance; The surface treatment is smoother, the running resistance is reduced, and the dust removal performance is improved. Improve the surface filtration efficiency; It is an excellent filter material in polyester series.

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